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Welcome to World Innovation Congress
"Innovation" - it's everywhere-in print, on the airwaves, on the tips of tongues of managers, and always on the minds of CEO's. Why are some companies more innovative than others? How can we repeat our successes if we don't know what we did right? What are the theories on how innovation occurs? Are there thinking and management principles that guide cutting edge leaders? What are the practices that embody these principles? How do we integrate these principles with systems thinking, continuous improvement, or other management philosophies? These are only a few of the questions we can ask to explore the mysteries of innovation.
Are you sure your organisation delivers high impact, sustained innovation that successfully capitalises on new markets and consumer expectations, and drives revenue and growth?
The very nature of innovation demands all those involved to constantly be on the look out for the next big thing. But how do you identify it? How do you know it's not just a fad? How can you ensure that innovation is at the heart of your corporate values?
Sub Themes
»  Are you Ready for Collaborative Innovation?
»  Brand-Driven Innovation
»  Business made Social - How Social Technologies and Behaviour are changing the     Enterprise and the Relationship to Customers
»  Customer Innovation: Putting Clients in the centre of a Firm’s value adding Process
»  Digital Innovation – Igniting the World of Animation
»  Basics of Innovation Capital
»  Creating an Angel and Seed - Stage Capital Ecosystem
»  Fueling Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
»  Financial Innovation – Building the Trust of Stakeholders and Promotion of SME's
»  Turning Innovation Outwards – The Role of Financial Sector
»  Entrepreneurial Spotlight: The Latest Start-ups. You Should Know About and Why
»  Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems as Engines of Growth
»  Innovate4Good: Leadership from the Next Generation
»  Looking Beyond Plastic: Leveraging the Mobile Channel to Innovate New Areas within     the Payment Paradigm
»  From Invention to Innovation - Challenges & Achievements
  Excellence in Innovation Awards  
Welcome to the "10th EXCELLENCE IN INNOVATION AWARDS 2017." The Excellence Innovation Awards honors the best in Technology, Innovators & Enterpreneurs.
  Individual Award Categories  
  »  Best CEO of the Year
»  Best CTO of the Year
»  Best Young Enterepreneur of the Year
»  Best Young Innovator of the Year
»  Best Innovative Business Idea
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  Focus Areas  
  Developing an innovation culture  
  Evaluating risk taking - Innovation vs Invention  
  Building a platform for knowledge sharing through open innovation  
  Strategies for innovating to stay ahead of the competition  
  Consumer-focused innovation: connect with the customers to turn insight into new products  
  Trend spotting: Anticipating the next big thing  

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