Allan Tan Pei Loon

Allan Tan Pei Loon

Dr Innov8tion

Allan Tan has 13 years’ experience in the IT and Engineering facility management industry, of which 7 years are at senior management level helping multinational organizations to venture into new market segments. He started his career as a project and design engineer and has a vast experience in new product design and business development. As part of his socially responsible, he currently also provides mentoring on design thinking for University students.

Academically, Allan holds an MBA, and a degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, and other professional certificates such as Project Management Professional, Building Construction Supervision, Project Safety Management, training through Learning Management System, and Digital Transformation for Business. He also commercializes a few brands such as Dr. Innov8tion, Heatgard and Smartfac. Through the vast practical experiences and studies, he understands better how businesses work with human capital.

Allan is a certified trainer and he specializes in the field of product commercialization, effective team management, digital transformation, work productivity, IT and engineering product designing process, creativity, innovation, and project management.

Besides, he also passionate about technology such as machine learning, AR/VR, IoT, and Online-Offline business operation, as he strongly believes that business not only has to train on soft skills but also need to train how to adopt the latest technology, helps the business achieve higher productivity by having more effective and efficient operation. He trains a wide range of technology, engineering, business, and management programs owing to his wide exposure to various industries. He is passionate about inspiring lives and transforming businesses and people for them to be able to stay competitive in today’s fast-changing market environment.