Dr. Steve Jeffs

Dr. Steve Jeffs

Chief Innovation Officer
People Acuity

Dr. Steve Jeffs is a multi-award-winning executive coach and business psychologist. With an intimate understanding of human psychology and global experience he has an unparalleled ability to bring out the very best in everyone he works with.

Dr Steve is an expert of Interdependent Leadership. Beginning with his early experiences in sports and the Australian Air Force, Dr Steve saw the power of special teams and how they could achieve outstanding results based upon the creation of synergy. As a consultant, coach and psychologist, Dr Steve has made it his career to understand and intentionally develop synergy within leadership, culminating in doctoral level research on this very topic. He serves clients as a keynote speaker, coach, consultant, advisor and partner.

In the world of coaching, he is a Master Coach, Coach trainer and Supervisor. Dr Steve holds faculty positions with some of the top coaching schools in the UK, USA and Middle East, and has trained, mentored and supervised over 1,000 coaches. As a coach, Dr Steve focusses his work on helping senior leaders to better understand and leverage their strengths to better understand and respond to the increasing complexity in their roles. As leaders do this, they are more successful in leading, not just their organization, but also a leadership culture that meets the demands of the emerging human economy.

Partnering with clients, Dr Steve also seeks to scale change across organisations through the effective application of strengths and purpose alignment to create organizational level Interdependence. He is the Chief Innovation Officer and co-creator of People Acuity and their Interdependent Leadership Series, and a co-author on the book, Shift Up! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living.

Dr Steve grew up in Australia and now travels extensively, having served clients across every continent except Antarctica. Based in Dubai, he lives with his wife, three daughters and dog. When not evolving leadership, Dr Steve continues to drive beyond boundaries as he brings his passion to extreme SCUBA diving where he has dived deeper than 120m and further than 1.2 Km into underwater cave systems.